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Self Catering Accommodation Scheme


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Statutory Obligations

In addition to fulfilling all relevant Statutory Obligations where they relate to the comfort, safety or welfare of their guests, or to the regulation of the contractual or other relationship with them, including having applied for a certificate under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 (if applicable), members undertake to observe the following Code of Conduct:

  1. To ensure high standards of courtesy and cleanliness, catering and service appropriate to the type of establishment.
  2. To describe fairly to all visitors and prospective visitors the amenities, facilities and services provided by the establishment, whether by advertisement, brochure, word of mouth or any other means. To allow visitors to see accommodation, if requested, before booking. To explain details of charges for additional services or facilities available, including cancellation terms, if any.
  3. To make clear to visitors exactly what is included in all prices quoted for accommodation, and for any additional services or facilities, including service charges, taxes and other surcharges.
  4. To make clear to all prospective guests in all brochures, conditions and details and, where appropriate, by word of mouth, any restrictions on the access to the accommodation by the guest, in such a way that each prospective guest is aware of any such restrictions before making any booking.
  5. Not to exceed the price current at time of reservation for accommodation or other services.
  6. To give each guest, on request, details of payments due and a receipt for payment made. Presentation of the bill should be clearly detailed.
  7. To deal promptly and courteously with all enquiries, requests, reservations, correspondence and complaints from guests.
  8. Proprietor or staff to be on duty during guests’ arrival and departure periods. To provide an effective means for guests to call for the attention of the proprietor or staff, who should be available at all reasonable times.
  9. To advise visitors at the time of booking, and subsequently, if the accommodation offered has been changed, indicating the location of such accommodation, and any difference in comfort and amenities from the accommodation offered originally.
  10. Not to conduct themselves in any business or operate any unregistered accommodation or otherwise act in such a way as to cause damage or disrepute to the Tourist Industry in general.
  11. To allow a Quality in Cornwall inspector reasonable access to the establishment, on request, to confirm that the Code of Conduct and Minimum Standards are being observed.

For the purpose of these standards, Furnished Holiday Accommodation means a house, bungalow, flat, flatlet, bedsit, or other building or part of a building, let as a single unit of accommodation, but consisting of at least one main room designed for sleeping and living purposes, and including cooking, personal washing and toilet facilities behind one lockable door.


  1. All buildings and their fixtures, fittings, furnishings, equipment and décor, must be fit for the purpose intended and maintained in a good and clean condition.
  2. There must be no unreasonable internal dampness.
  3. Gardens and/or open areas in the vicinity of units must be kept in good and tidy condition.
  4. The private floor area of each unit (excluding bathroom and WC) shall be not less than 200 sq.
    ft (18.60 m2) for two-person units, plus 80 sq. ft (7.40 m2) for each additional person. There must be reasonable space for movement in bedroom/sleeping and living-room areas, and for easy access to beds, doors and drawers.
  5. Each unit shall have adequate storage space for crockery, cutlery and other kitchen and cleaning equipment.
  6. Furniture, furnishings, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils shall be of reasonable quality and in good condition and sufficient for the number of persons intended to use the unit. Crockery should be matching in style and decoration, and cutlery should be of a uniform design.
  7. All floors shall be provided with adequate and suitable floor coverings of reasonable quality in good, clean condition.
  8. Interior and exterior decorations shall be maintained in a good condition and not be allowed to become dilapidated, shabby or dirty.
  9. Suitable working appliances shall be provided for heating, appropriate to the seasons when the unit is available for letting.
  10. All electrical and gas/oil-fired equipment must be safely maintained and serviced regularly, complying with current legislation.
  11. Every habitable room shall be provided with a window capable of being opened directly to the open air. Curtains or blinds must be provided in all living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
  12. All parts of every unit and all shared areas of any premises shall have adequate lighting and ventilation relative to their use. Minimum lighting levels: 160 watts (accumulative) or equivalent in bedrooms, living room and kitchen.
  13. Non-flammable waste-paper bins must be provided in bedrooms and living rooms.
  14. The premises shall be thoroughly cleaned throughout between lettings.
  15. At least one smoke detector must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. They must be of a type which can readily be tested, and must be maintained in working order. The manufacturer’s instruction and recommendation leaflet or booklet must be kept and made available to the Quality in Cornwall inspector on request.
  16. If a charge is made for electricity/ gas/calor gas/telephone, this shall not exceed the normal approved or retail charge plus a nominal charge for meter rental etc.
  17. The proprietor or his representative or agent must be available to the guest at all reasonable times, and must take all reasonable steps to prevent guests’ comfort being interfered with by excessive noise caused by other tenants.
  18. All furnishings must conform to the requirements of the ‘Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety)’ legislation.
  19. All units must be provided with suitable refuse-disposal arrangements with the Local Authority. Dustbins, where provided, must have lids. Arrangements for refuse collection must be specified.
  20. Some form of emergency lighting must be available, eg torch.
  21. Local Tourist Information to be made available.


  1. Beds: Child single 6' x 2' 6". Adult single 6'3" x 3'. Adult double 6' 3" x 4' 6". Bunk beds and cots must comply with British Standard Specifications.
  2. Mattresses must be spring interior or foam of good quality, and in clean condition. Bedding must be clean, of adequate quality and supplied in sufficient quantity as specified in the inventory.
  3. Beds, mattresses, pillows and bedding shall be clean, and of good quality and adequate size. All beds to have mattress protectors. A cot and mattress to be available (if children accepted). 100% manmade-fibre sheets are unacceptable.
  4. Where linen is provided free of charge, it must be changed for all new occupants, and changed weekly during the letting period if requested. Spare linen should be available if required.
  5. Each unit shall have a dressing table or equivalent with mirror, adequate and suitable wardrobes and/or clothes-hanging space and drawer or shelf space.
  6. Rugs or carpets must be provided at bedsides. Where there is an additional sleeping facility provided, such as a bed-settee for use in a lounge, there should be an adequate storage space reasonably situated to store bedding and guests’ clothing.
  7. A bedside table and light must be provided for each occupant, including bunk-beds. Twin beds may share a table and light.


  1. All bathrooms and WCs must have an opening window or Local Authority approved ventilation system. Windows should have opaque curtains or blinds to afford privacy.
  2. Hot water must be available at all times.
  3. A lock or bolt must be provided to bathroom/WC doors.

Self-contained units

  1. All units have at least one bathroom equipped with a bath/shower, bathmat, towel rail and washbasin. A mirror must be above or adjacent to the washbasin.
  2. All units must have at least one interior WC, equipped with toilet paper and holder, covered disposal bin and toilet brush.

Non self-contained units

  1. At least one bathroom must be provided, equipped with a bath/shower, for every six people. Where washbasins are not fitted in each accommodation unit, at least one washbasin, having hot and cold running water, must be provided in a bathroom or washroom for every eight people. A mirror must be above, or adjacent to, the washbasin.
  2. At least one interior WC, equipped with toilet paper, holder, and covered disposal bin and toilet brush must be provided for every ten people.
  3. Where there is only one WC, this must not be in the bathroom.

An inventory of equipment must be available on request. The accommodation should contain the following items:

Per Person Per Unit Per Bed

NOTE: for winter lettings, or lettings very early or late in the season, the scale of bedding to be increased, and adequate heating to be provided.


The brochure/information provided for your guests should include the following:

The following information should also be readily available:

if arrangements can be made for advance ordering of groceries and other provisions, this should be clearly stated.

If the proprietor is not resident on the premises, their name and address, or that of their representative or agent who may be contacted locally, shall be prominently displayed at all times, together with contact details of the emergency services.

Quality in Cornwall will not accept membership of absentee landlords unless there is a local agent or representative responsible for cleaning between lettings, responsible in cases of complaint, with authority to act on behalf of the landlord, and who holds a spare set of keys. Occupiers must be provided with a key to their unit and, where applicable, to the building.

Registration is subject to the observance by the proprietor of the letter and spirit of this document.
Any breach of the Code of Conduct or Minimum Standards may lead to withdrawal of the award.