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Getting Inspected

Follow these simple stages to getting inspected.

Stage 1

  1. Download and review your accommodation against the QIC Minimum Quality Standards for Self Catering (from here), Touring & Camping (from here) or Serviced Accommodation (from here)
  2. Download the Application Form, Legal Obligations Disclaimer and the Terms & Conditions combined document (from here)
  3. Read, complete and sign the disclaimer
  4. complete and sign the Application Form.
  5. Send us the completed Application Form, Legal Obligations Disclaimer and the Terms & Conditions plus the non-refundable cheque.

Stage 2

  1. A QIC Inspector will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your inspection or optionally a pre-inspection visit (at a charge of £50) can be arranged to give advice and guidance ahead of the formal inspection.
  2. Download the Inspection Criteria document for Self Catering (from here) or Serviced Accommodation (from here) and plan for your inspection

Stage 3

  1. Inspection of your accommodation
  2. Inspection of your legal documentation
  3. Inspection of your website

Stage 4

  1. Your inspector will document the finding from the inspection
  2. You will be informed of the outcome of the inspection and any observations

Inspection Passed

You will be awarded a QIC Certificate and are entitled to the associated benefits.

You will be given your window badge and optional plaque.

Inspection Failed

You will be given a date by which you will need to correct any non-conformances.

A re-inspection fee of £30 will be payable.

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